This blog began its life in 2012 through the encouragement of my older sister, at the time an avid blogger herself. ‘Write critiques!’ she sang positively, ‘ it’ll be perfect for you!’. I was more than a little resistant, deliberately procrastinating and hoping she’d be distracted by something or someone else, but she kept on pushing, and in hindsight it was one of the best pieces of forced advice I’ve ever received. Thanks Den!

Writing the blog certainly gave me confidence, but more than that, it opened me up to myself; to my own capability and the prospect that perhaps others might actually deem me worthy of their browsing time. Since starting it my life has changed almost beyond recognition. I’ve become a mother, for one thing. I’m also minus a parent, and these two major life events have had a huge impact on my writing. Namely, it’s stopped. Apologies for that, loyal followers.

Having a baby obviously means having very little time for anything other than 1. Looking after the baby and 2. Being engrossed by the terror of looking after said baby. This left no luxury of time, or inclination even, for travelling to London to drink wine at private views and pretending to be a member of the art clique. More’s the pity, I love free wine. I also used to do this mainly with my dad, a fellow art lover and my wing man on art expeditions. So losing him in 2015 (the same year as gaining my son) was the nail in the coffin for gallery trips for a while.

My focus turned increasingly to my own work; I co-founded the Dartford Arts Network in 2012 and in 2015 it began to really come to life. I spent any spare time on my painting and photography and all that, along with my day job as marketing manager for an architecture practice in North London was quite enough for a new mum!

I feel now though, that a new phase is in the pipeline; further development of my artwork, building the arts network and doing more challenging projects with local artists, writing more! This blog, I hope, will be the gateway to that next phase; a tool through which the form of my next chapter will become clear. Sounds a lot to ask, but hey, let’s think positively! The world’s falling apart, so let’s carry on creating and imbue as much pleasure as we can, while we can.

As a result of all this, this blog will probably now consist of an eclectic mix of photography, drawing, painting, art discussion and perhaps a bit of poetry, who knows.

Comments and critiques are welcomed, abuse will be mocked and love will be reciprocated.


  1. Lucy Robinson said:

    I am overwhelmed by your art and words and clearly beautiful soul 💜

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